Month: June 2023

New Interview: LA Public Library Blog

I had an interview come out this week from the LA Public Library blog! I talk about historical & literary inspirations, my favourite Frankenstein adaptation, my dream cast for a hypothetical Our Hideous Progeny movie, and much more. Mad props to librarian Daryl M. for not only coming up with some fascinating questions (and for giving OHP such a wonderfully kind review!), but also lovingly hyperlinking every author and historical figure I mentioned in the interview! There must be some kind of librarian award for that, LOL.

You can read the full interview here, and the book review here!

New Article: The best historical books about women in science

I have a new article out today from! 📚👩‍🔬

Shepherd is a book recommendation website that relies on lists compiled by authors, allowing you to find reliable recs on specific topics ranging from “The best unexpected love stories in historical romance” to “The best books to introduce you to Black London.” (I really like their “Browse by Wikipedia topic” search function – super handy for finding research recs!)

For my list, I shared five of my favourite historical books featuring women scientists (both real and fictional)! These include fantastic books by Carrie Brown, Marie Benedict, Catherine Chung, Tracy Chevalier, and Margot Lee Shetterly. You can read the whole post here.

Our Hideous Progeny: Official(?) Playlist!

I’ve been meaning to post this for a long time, but it kept slipping my mind – my official(?) writing playlist for OHP! I talked about a few of my favourites on this playlist already for an article on Largehearted Boy, but the full 7-hour playlist is now up on Spotify for all to hear.

As this is the music I actually wrote the book to (and I can’t think with lyrics!), it’s mostly instrumentals and movie soundtracks – but hopefully that also makes it the perfect atmospheric reading playlist. 🙂 Let me know which songs are your favourites (and if you can tell which ones accompanied my writing of particular scenes…!)

New Interview: Fantasy Book Critic

I had an interview out this week in the Fantasy Book Critic blog! I talked about Frankenstein, the writing/character-creation process, and lots more; you can read the full interview on Fantasy Book Critic’s website here!

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